wedding cocktails

Lisa and Jared's wedding at the historic Commander's Mansion in Watertown

These two did it right.  TWO! yes, two....cocktail hours.  One before the ceremony, and one following!  They perfectly curated an amazing drink list, including beers from Tree House, Lordo Hobo, Alchemist (Heady topper is one of my favorites of all time), and Lawson's Finest Liquids.  They even had the entire wedding toast the start of the reception with hand crafted Mead they found on one of their first dates.  The historic grounds of the mansion provided a beautiful and intimate ceremony as the guests circled around them.  Reception was complete with whole roasted pig and a slew of fun desserts, including the Frozen Hoagie food truck.  Rock.  I loved spending time with these two, as they were helped through the day by two of my past wedding couples!  Enjoy.

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