Cam and Kathrine's New Hampshire Celebration

These two delightful humans were the first EVER wedding held at the stunning Aldworth Manor.  Mark my words, this venue will explode in popularity in the next year.  It provided the perfect backdrop for their two families to mingle, laugh, play lawn games....and yes, dodge the rain for about 30 mins.  The day was filled with every type of light a photographer loves.  Crisp bright sunlight, diffuse clouds, epic rain downpour complete with thunder, and that soft moody post storm light during the dimming evening sun.  These two took it all in stride and truly had a blast on their day.  One of my favorite memories was finding kids digging out from under the bar their top secret stash of candy and snacks.  Secondly, was Cam's perfectly executed first kiss....clearly the passionate french lineage shining through.  Enjoy the images.